• Middle child of Theseus and Elizabeth Sakellarios, nee Woodward
  • Has two sisters
    • Older is named after the goddess of the moon, Selene
      • Selene Luna Sakellarios
    • Younger is named after the goddess of the dawn, Eos
      • Eos Dawn Sakellarios


  • Born from two doctors
    • At least one former: Theseus
    • Current Physical Therapist: Elizabeth
    • This has encouraged and strengthened his need to help others
  • Very intelligent
    • Has a 155 IQ
    • Genius level
    • Extremely good and organized memory
  • Patronus is a Buzzard
    • Natural observers
    • Not the most social/talkative
    • Analytical
    • Sees things as they are
      • Refuses to beat around the bush
    • Oppurnitity seekers
    • Deductive reasoning (Like Sherlock)
    • Well-spoken
    • Persuasive (Like Loki)
  • Is very family-connected
    • He adores his sisters and parents
      • But does not trust the ones who had left his father to suffer by himself in Greece
        • Malia, Chloe, and Lena
    • He feels like they don't deserve Theseus' forgiveness
      • Helios doesn't understand why they moved to England
    • Able to speak Greek and Latin fluently, having grown up with reading them
  • He's hoping to either go into Slytherin or Ravenclaw, but Hufflepuff would be okay as well.

Born of a medically-orientated and intelligent family, Helios has always been ready to help. He's fiercely loyal to those he trusts, which are few and far between, and is very intelligent. The last time he had his IQ tested, which was at the age of nine, the results came back with the IQ of 155. He is not a genius, but he is near-genius. Considering his grandmother on his mother's side is a psychiatrist, she has taught him how to organize his mind to a point that everything is easy to recall. The organized mind Helios holds allows him to do something like what Sherlock Holmes does, deductive reasoning, and focusing on his surroundings more than he does to people.

He is extremely family orientated, doting on his biological sisters and parents. He has a sense of responsibility, always working his hardest in anything, and always willing to help. He has a fixation on becoming a doctor or a healer and is always trying to combine the muggle and magical ways to make something that's all-encompassing. Despite this need to help people, Helios suffers from a lack of confidence sometimes. He doesn't feel like he can do everything he wants to do, or change everything in the way he thinks of.


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Helios Sakellarios 🌕 Titan of the Sun 🌕 First Year
-"Not all those who wander are lost."
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Titan Of The Sun

Full Name Helios Apollo Sakellarios
Born June 21st, 2021
Age 11
Status Alive
Gender Male
Species Wizard
Nationality Greek
Ethnicity Causician
Blood Status Half-Blood
Orientations Bisexual
Father Theseus Sakellarios
Mother Elizabeth Sakellarios
Siblings Selene and Eos Sakellarios
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Other Relatives Malia Sakellarios-Willow, Chloe Sakellarios, Valentina Willow-Sakellarios
Ancestral Home Sakellarios Home, Greece
Most Important People Sakellarios Family


School Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House TBD
Electives N/A
Average Grade TBD
Year First


Wand TBD
Animagus/Patronus TBD
Boggart Losing his siblings
Amortentia TBD
Mirror of Erised TBD
Exotic? N/A
Occupation Student
Loyalty Sakellarios Family
Organizations Greece


Physical Information
Model Lucas Till
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Handedness Left
Voice Type Soft
Eyesight 10/20
Health Status Good
Most Notable Accessories N/A
Distinguishing Marks N/A
Frequented Places House
First Love N/A
First Kiss N/A
First Time N/A
Any illnesses? N/A
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